BTS Jungkook Dropped A New IU Cover, Now Fans Want A Collab ASAP

Will 2019 be the year for this collab?

BTS‘s Jungkook has uploaded a new IU cover that has fans begging for a collaboration between the stars.


By now, everyone knows that Jungkook has been an IU stan since the very beginning.


Prior to joining Big Hit Entertainment, Jungkook auditioned for SuperStar K with IU’s “Lonely Child”.


He has also performed her songs, such as “Good Day”, during fan meetings…


…and has been captured singing along with IU during her live performances.


Jungkook has previously named IU as his ideal type…


…and has been caught fanboying over her on numerous occasions.


In fact, Jungkook’s “crush” on IU has become a running joke within the BTS fandom…


…especially after fans noticed how panicked he looked when he nearly had to sit next to her!


Fans have been calling for an IU x Jungkook collaboration for years, but after listening to Jungkook’s new cover of “Ending Scene”, they want it ASAP!


Jungkook uploaded the cover to BTS’s Twitter on December 19. The caption reads: “I got confused at the end so I was off key… #PleaseUnderstand #EndingScene”


Already the video has racked up over 4M views and over 1M likes. ARMYs are falling hard and fast for Jungkook’s smooth vocals, and have expressed nothing but praise for the cover.


Some fans have even combined Jungkook’s cover with one of IU’s live stages to show just how perfectly their voices sound together.


Given fans’ responses, an IU x Jungkook collaboration would be extremely well-received. So now, the only question is…


When will it happen?