“IV Drip… Diet…” BTS’s Jungkook Makes Sure To Reassure ARMYs About His Condition Ahead Of The Release Of His Album “Golden”

Jungkook revealed he is working hard ahead of the release!

BTS‘s Jungkook has revealed the lengths he is going to in preparation for the release of his solo album but made sure to reassure ARMYs about his condition.

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Jungkook made a promise to ARMYs to go live on Weverse…

As promised, BTS’s Jungkook went live at 9PM (KST) and treated fans as soon as the broadcast started, getting a drink to make everything more comfortable and casual for fans watching.

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse   

Of course, since the promise, huge news came out…

And Jungkook seemed just as excited talking about his upcoming album, Golden.

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While chatting about the album, Jungkook explained the intense preparation he was going through. Yet, Jungkook also explained how tired he is because he hasn’t been sleeping much.

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Of course, fans got very worried as Jungkook explained that he got an IV drip for more energy.

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The idol then worried fans more after explaining that despite it being very late, Jungkook hadn’t eaten a single meal that day. With so much rehearsing, it is common for idols to not eat as much, but it doesn’t stop fans from worrying.

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Yet, although it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs were worried, Jungkook made sure to reassure them within seconds.

The idol explained that while he is practicing hard and wants to do well, he isn’t stressed about anything, and it unsurprisingly puts some ARMYs at ease about his condition.

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As always, Jungkook is never afraid to be honest with ARMYs about his condition but always finds a way to reassure them with his words and actions.

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