BTS ARMY Demand An Apology From A Mexican Talk Show For “Mocking” Jungkook

“… They laughed at him at every moment, made fun of his behavior…”

BTS ARMY are demanding an apology from the Mexican talk show ¡Qué Chulada! after the hosts mocked the idol’s recent live broadcast.

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In his recent live broadcast, Jungkook spent meaningful time with fans, serenading them with song covers, practicing his English…

Reacting to J-Hope‘s “On The Street” music video…

And even falling asleep on the live broadcast, leaving ARMY to watch a candle and creating an unforgettable story.

Fans treasure Jungkook’s live broadcasts since they’re an example of how BTS takes the time to interact with fans closely, but the talk show mocked how Jungkook appeared drunk during the broadcast.

The show also mocked one especially impactful moment from Jungkook’s broadcast. During his live, the idol called out fans who follow him to personal schedules. Jungkook addressed the issue after almost two hours of spending time with fans before hesitantly speaking up. Although he thanked fans who support BTS, Jungkook asked fans not to look for him when he isn’t on an official schedule.

And Jungkook even spoke about a specific incident where some people were waiting outside his gym.

Fans appreciated Jungkook directly addressing the issue and praised his polite handling of the situation.

But on the talk show, the host trivialized the issue, suggesting that Jungkook was “attacking” ARMY for preventing him from doing basic things like going to the gym or walking on the street without them knowing about it.

At one point, the host even brought in another staff member, pretending he was the “Mexican Jungkook” and “interviewed” him, asking if he was drunk in the video and if he disapproves of ARMY “harassing” him.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, the talk show even shared another clip of the “interview,” calling the staff member “Our own Mexican BTS.”

A clip of the “interview” | @7boyswithluvv/Twitter

Fans were furious at the clip, which has since been deleted from Twitter, angered by how poorly researched and presented the topic was.

ARMY are trending “Respect Jungkook” and “Apologize to Jungkook” on Twitter as they call the talk show out and even tank the show’s online ratings.

Fans are calling the entire clip unprofessional and racist.

As of now, ¡Qué Chulada! has not responded aside from taking down the clips on social media.

You can watch the clip here.


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