Ramyun Maker Nongshim Files For Copyright Of “Bulgeuri,” A Ramyun Recipe Created By BTS’s Jungkook

Fans are divided.

On March 16, 2023, BTS‘s Jungkook shared his unique recipe for  ramyun via Weverse. The recipe was named “bulgeuri,” a combination of the ramyun flavors “neoguri” and “buldak.” In his special instructions, Jungkook mixes both Neoguri and Buldak noodles and condiments to create the perfect blend.

It’s common for consumers to come up with their own versions of food. Even for ramyun, the famous Jjapaguri noodles as seen in the movie Parasite is a combination of Neoguri ramyun and Jjapaghetti ramyun. The spicy seasoning powder from Neoguri gives the black bean noodles a kick.

Jjapaguri from Parasite. | Next Shark

But when Nongshim, the company behind Neoguri noodles, filed copyrights for the terms “Bulgeuri” and “Bulguri,” they riled up the anger of BTS fans.

The timing of it all was uncanny. Jungkook posted his recipe on March 16, 2022. An investigation by EToday revealed that Nongshim had filed copyright for the terms on the same day. When asked for a statement, a Nongshim employee explained that they were trying to block other businesses from capitalizing on the term.

BTS’s Jungkook personally introduced it and it became a huge issue, so we simply filed for it with the goal of preventing it from being used imprudently for business, protecting Neoguri’s copyright. It is simply a protective business measure.

— Nongshim

On the other hand, some netizens and fans have expressed their disappointment in the brand. They believe that the copyrights should go to Jungkook, as he was the first to publicize the recipe.

Netizen reaction. | theqoo
  • “Well… Seeing how they also released a Jjapaguri product, I feel like they will release this too.”
  • “It’s better that they filed for it. I think it’s in case other companies make the product.”
  • “No but Jungkook made it so why is a company taking it…? And there’s also Buldak in it. Nongshim is so weird.”
  • “Seeing how they filed for it the afternoon after his live stream at dawn, they’re really working hard. Samyang, Nongshim, and Jungkook are all not the owners, but I don’t know why it feels like Nongshim is a thief. Anyway, shouldn’t they give something to Jungkook?”
  • “This is smart of them. Their in-charge is good at their job.”
  • “Well, if they really sell it… but seeing how nothing’s happened yet, I guess it’s fine.”
  • “Since it’s come to this, they should use Jungkook as the spokesperson.”

As history would show, Nongshim previously filed for a copyright on the term “Jjapaguri” after it got famous through Parasite. Later in 2020, they released Jjapaguri cup noodles. In another example, after a recipe for curry and Neoguri got famous, they also released curry-flavored Neoguri noodles.

Jjapguri cup noodles. | Nongshim

Others choose to believe in Nongshim as Buldak belongs to Samyang Foods while Neoguri belongs to Nongshim, making the chances of either brand selling the product for profit rather low.

Jungkook has not spoken up on the matter thus far.

Source: theqoo and eToday


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