BTS’s Jungkook Has The Funniest Reaction To Suga’s Collaboration With PSY

Jungkook is a ray of sunshine!

On April 29, ARMYs shared their excitement after the music video for the collaboration between PSY and BTS‘s Suga was released. From the minute the video was posted on YouTube, netizens couldn’t get enough of the track “That That,” and it quickly took over the internet.

PSY (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @psy_oppa/Twitter   

Of course, considering the artists involved, it isn’t surprising that the music video was epic AF with some hilarious moments in it.

| psyofficial/YouTube
| psyofficial/YouTube

ARMYs worldwide couldn’t contain their excitement and shared their reactions to the epic music video.

Even though Suga might have seen ARMYs’ reactions to his music video, everyone wanted to know what the other members thought about the track. Luckily, Suga shared a hilarious anecdote of how youngest member Jungkook has been reacting to the track.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

On April 4 (KST), Suga surprised fans when he did a live broadcast talking all about the track with PSY. He even gave ARMY some TMI about the process of creating and filming the song and music video, which many weren’t aware of.


During the broadcast, Suga explained that the members monitored the music video for him. However, it was the dance that seemed to stand out the most, adding, “The members repeated the danced moves a lot…

In particular, youngest member Jungkook seemed to have the most fun when imitating Suga’s part in the music video.

Jeon Jungkook, for a few days, whenever he sees me, he goes “야 내가” [the start of his rap] and then [shows the first dance move from that that’s chorus] dances around like this.

— Suga


Although it could be annoying, Suga then explained that it did the opposite. Jungkook’s personality made everyone around him burst into laughter, even if the thing Jungkook was imitating might not seem funny at the time.

But Jeon Jungkook just seems to tease people whenever they do something even though it doesn’t feel that good [laughs] but whenever he does, I just explode [laughs] when he comes in while dancing.

— Suga


As expected, Jungkook always seems to find the perfect way to put people at ease and make them feel less self-conscious. ARMYs will definitely be waiting to see if BTS posts a video of Jungkook copying Suga’s parts in “That That.”

You can read more about Jungkook being on Suga’s mind while filming the music video below.

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Source: BTS/ VLIVE
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