BTS’ Jungkook releases cover of Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” as a birthday present

September 1st marks the day that BTS‘ golden maknae Jungkook was born!

Within the first few hours into his birthday, Jungkook unveiled his cover of Justin Beiber‘s “Purpose” on Soundcloud as a gift for his fans.

The song is a heartwarming and meaningful present for his fans; the lyrics mention feeling blessed due to the gift of purpose being given. “Purpose” also offers words of encouragement to listeners, urging them to be the best versions of themselves, despite the circumstance they are in.

Jungkook is quite fond of Justin Beiber’s music as he previously uploaded a cover for “Nothing Like Us.”

As fans around the world are celebrating the maknae’s birthday, Jungkook returns the favor with this heartfelt ballad.