ARMYs Praise BTS’s Jungkook For His Mature Response To A Hate Comment On Instagram

The comment was uncalled for and caused anger amongst netizens!

BTS is undoubtedly one of the biggest groups in the world and has ARMYs from across the world who have nothing but love and respect for the members. Unfortunately, with the huge fame and popularity, the members would inevitably receive unwarranted hate comments.

Recently, youngest member Jungkook received a hate comment while doing an Instagram Q&A but had the perfect response.

BTS’s Jungkook | BigHit Entertainment

After it was confirmed that Jungkook tested positive for COVID-19, the idol wanted to ensure that ARMYs were reassured of his condition and interacted with them in several ways, including a  beautiful Instagram post. He captioned it, “The vibrant lights embrace me…

On March 30, Jungkook also had an Instagram Q&A where he revealed that he had watched almost every K-Drama and Netflix recommendation from ARMYs and spilled his thoughts on whether “Actor Jungkook” would make a return.

Jungkook explaining he’s watched “Bridgerton” after asking for recommendations. | @jungkook.97/ Instagram

While most of the messages were nice and polite, one caught the attention of ARMYs for all the wrong reasons. When Jungkook asked, “What should I do now? Anyone curious about anything?” someone messaged with the line, “You bored? Eat dog poop.

As expected, before ARMYs could even hear Jungkook’s answer, they shared their disgust and anger at the fact that someone would send something like that to the group’s youngest member when all he wanted was to speak to fans.

Many were surprised when Jungkook actually replied to the message, but many praised his attitude towards replying to it. Rather than sharing a reaction that would play into the user’s desire to hurt Jungkook, he took the high road.

Isn’t this a bit harsh?! (Laughs). If you squish Choco Pies together, that kind of looks… [like dog poop].

— Jungkook

After the response was posted, netizens praised Jungkook for being so mature when replying to the comment, as it was extremely harsh and uncalled for.

Although idols are famous, it does not mean that anyone is entitled to send malicious comments. Although Jungkook replied maturely, ARMYs are angry that he had to see the post in the first place.

Source: @jungkook.97

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