“The Male God Of The Airport” — BTS’s Jungkook Makes Headlines For His Flawless Visuals Despite Wearing A Mask

He’s perfect!

BTS‘s Jungkook recently returned to Korea following his schedule and reporters greeted him at Incheon airport.

BTS’s Jungkook | Dispatch
| Dispatch

Jungkook sported a head-to-toe black look, rocking comfortable oversized clothes and a signature Calvin Klein baseball cap.

| Star News
| Dispatch

Jungkook politely greeted fans and showed his love for the supportive crowd…

| @mandarinpeach_/Twitter 

…and he even flashed a “3D” pose for the cameras!

| Korea DISPATCH/YouTube 

Despite wearing a mask covering most of his face, his handsome visuals were evident.

| Star News
| Star News

It’s no wonder he made headlines as “the male God of the airport!”

Up to the end, he showed his gratitude to fans and waved to them as he left.

| @mandarinpeach/Twitter 

Jungkook is beautiful both inside and out!

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