BTS Jungkook Revealed A Cute Childhood Habit In His Camping Vlog

He’s been endearing since day 1!

In his recent solo vlog, BTS‘s maknae Jungkoook revealed a little TMI about himself.

After arriving at the camping spot, Jungkook brought his chef skills and cooked up some delicious grilled pork belly with fried kimchi. The mouth-watering visuals alone were enough to tease the viewers!

But adding fuel to the fire, Jungkook was constantly exclaiming at the taste of the meat. Within the span of a minute or two, Jungkook said “Nice” and “Tasty” so many times that his companion could not but laugh out loud.

You’re really enjoying it,” said the RUN BTS director, who was camping with Jungkook. That’s when Jungkook revealed that ever since he was a child, he had this habit of constantly praising the food while eating if he really liked the taste.

When I eat good food, I keep saying it’s good. My dad said I was always like that…I was always like ‘This is good, this is good!’

— Jungkook

The image of little Jungkook eating delicious food and going “This is good!“…did somebody hear ARMYs sniffling in the distance?