BTS’s Jungkook Reveals What He Thinks RM’s Best Feature Is, And It’s Totally Different From RM’s Pick

Do you agree with Jungkook or RM?

BTS‘s RM recently revealed that he thinks his height is his best feature, but Jungkook disagrees!

BTS’s RM | @BTSRM_UK/Twitter

In a recent Vanity Fair YouTube video, RM asked the members to guess what his favorite feature is, and J-Hope correctly guessed that RM likes his height the best out of all of his features.

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

RM explained that his height is the “one great advantage” he has over the other BTS members because he’s the tallest out of all 7.

However, Jungkook seemed to think RM had another advantage over the members!

BTS’s Jungkook | @kkyukirby/Twitter

As the other members listened to RM’s explanation for choosing his height as his best feature, Jungkook quietly said “brain and brain” while Suga said he thinks all the members could be considered short. Clearly, Jungkook thinks RM is super intelligent!

Whether you agree with Jungkook that RM’s best feature is his brain or with RM that his best feature is his height, there’s no denying that all the BTS members have plenty of features that make them so charming!

See the full “How Well Does BTS Know Each Other?” video below!