BTS’s Jungkook Makes The Sweetest Promise To RM, His “First And Last Role Model” 

He’s determined to keep it.

Since day one, BTS‘s Jungkook and RM have had a special bond, and over the years, they have supported each other through thick and thin.

RM (left) and Jungkook (right)

Jungkook has expressed his admiration and gratitude for RM, his “eternal leader” and “first and last role model,” many times. RM has gone above and beyond as his group’s leader, but also as BTS’s translator.

RM hyung is my eternal leader.

— Jungkook

Back in 2019, Jungkook set a new goal for himself. He’d hoped that in a year’s time he would be able to help RM answer interview questions as BTS’s #2 English speaker.

Although Jungkook isn’t fluent in English yet, his skills have continued to grow over the past three years.

Today, Jungkook hosted a surprise solo live from his Las Vegas hotel room. In it, he once again talked about helping out RM with English. “I talked to Namjoon hyung today, and I told him to just wait two years,” Jungkook said. “In two years, I’ll help ease his burden.” 


In reply, RM laughed, saying, “Didn’t you say that before?” This time, however, Jungkook is determined to reach his goal. Once he has his heart set on something, there’s no going back!


I’ll try for real this time. I really will.

— Jungkook

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