Jungkook Brings Back The Stylish Tomato Song From “Run BTS!” And Puts A 2022 Spin On It

Can he remember the lyrics after all these years?

BTS‘s Jungkook recently made a reference that only true ARMY will understand!

| Naver

One of the most iconic “Run BTS!” episodes of 2017 feature the members trying their best to recall lyrics from a children’s song.

After listening to a clip of the song “A Stylish Tomato,” the members were instructed to take a 30 minute nap.

However, the words to “A Stylish Tomato” proved to be much more difficult than they anticipated…

…and the members consequently began losing their minds!

Fast forward to 2022, Jungkook decided to sing the song on his Instagram story after an ARMY sent him the lyrics. Using his gorgeous voice to sing the song meant for kids, he turned it from a nursery rhyme into a chart-topper!

After a quick refresher on the lyrics, he can make anything sound stunning!

Watch the full hilarious episode below.

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