Jungkook Just Couldn’t Catch A Break On “Run BTS!”

The struggle is real.

On episode 131 of Run BTS!, Jungkook‘s misfortune proved to be hilarious for the other members.

During a debate, the boys learned the hard way that certain mystery actions would entail a shot of water to the face.

However, the unexpecting mediator Jungkook had it the worst, by far!

A swift tap of the table would spray both teams with water…

…but Jungkook received a whole bucket of water dumped on him each time.

He began to look like “Maltikook,” his puppy alter ego…

…and to the members, it was too cute to resist toying with him!

Jin couldn’t help himself and repeatedly slammed the table.

He left everyone absolutely soaked — especially Jungkook!

Sometimes, you just can’t help it and want to mess with the adorable maknae.

Poor Jungkook!