BTS Jungkook’s Scene In “Dynamite” MV Has American Dairy Brands Swooning Hard

“Oh, to be a glass of milk!”

When BTS‘s “Dynamite” dropped August 21, ARMYs experienced heaven right before their eyes — thanks to the visual explosion captured in the music video.

BTS on “Dynamite” MV set. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

In particular, this opening sequence by the Golden Maknae Jungkook gained a tremendous amount of attention…

BTS’s Jungkook in “Dynamite” MV.

… for being dangerously sexy. It became one of the most viral moments from the music video, not only among whipped ARMYs, but also among dairy brands in the United States!

As “Dynamite” continues to make and break new records, Jungkook’s milk-drinking had Got Milk?‘s Twitter falling madly in love with this aesthetic:

Another dairy brand, Lifeway Foods, simply couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to promote their kefir products alongside Jungkook. The brand tweeted a photoshopped screenshot of “Dynamite” and gave ARMYs a good laugh!

Upon seeing the brands’ shamelessly straight-forward proposals to Jungkook, ARMYs are now calling forward Korean dairy brands — like Seoul Milk and Maeil Milk

… as well as donut brands! Where are Dunkin’ and Krispy, not hopping on this JK wagon for some of this? Right?!

Read more about Jungkook’s love for all things milk…

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… and don’t forget to watch “Dynamite” MV here:

Source: THEQOO

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