BTS Jungkook Releases Self-Directed Video Of Their Time In New Jersey

A day in the life of BTS in New Jersey!

BTS Jungkook once again released a self-directed video on YouTube about the members’ time on the tour. This time, he covered their recent concert in Newark, New Jersey!


Jungkook began recording the members’ day from the early morning before their concert. Fans got to see what the members eat for breakfast!


He gave an exclusive POV shot of what it would be like to perform with the members for ‘MIC DROP’!


And what it’d like to receive the overwhelming love from their devoted fans while they perform on stage.


Jungkook also captured adorable moments of the members planning out what to do for the fans during the concert.


And covered the magical moment of the concert itself!


He concluded the day’s vlog all the way to returning to their hotel after the end of their concert.


It’s no lie, the Golden Maknae keeps his ARMYs well fed!