BTS’s Jungkook Is A Serious Foodie, And “Physcial:100” Star Choo Sung Hoon Got The Numbers To Prove It

“He really eats a lot…”

Choo Sung Hoon (also known by his Japanese name Yoshihiro Akiyama) recently appeared in KBS2‘s program Boss In The Mirror and talked about his close friendship with BTS‘s Jungkook.

Choo Sung Hoon on “Boss In The Mirror” | KBS2

Though Choo gained global popularity through the Netflix show Physical: 100, fans of BTS already knew the MMA star after Jungkook appeared in a video sparring with him in 2022.

The two kept in touch afterward, and in 2023, Choo shared a picture with Jungkook and with a heartwarming message. The martial artist mentioned that they grabbed dinner together and jokingly wrote in the caption, he wrote, “We ate way too much though…haha.” 

On the June 25 episode of Boss In The Mirror, Choo gave a more clear idea of how much that aforementioned “way too much” food was, that Jungkook and he ate together. During the episode, comedian Kang Jae Joon served a fusion ramen dish called “Bulguri” at a restaurant in Vietnam, and customers immediately recognized it as Jungkook’s recipe.

The commentators in the studio then started talking about Jungkook, and Choo Sung Hoon took the opportunity to share the story about his meal with Jungkook, saying that the two, along with their trainer, finished 20 servings of meat at a restaurant.

I went to a restaurant to eat meat with Jungkook. Three of us, including a trainer, finished 20 servings of meat. We had meat, rice, ramen, and kimchi stew. We ate a lot.

—Choo Sung Hoon

He added that as much as the BTS maknae enjoys eating, he also loves to work out.

He really eats a lot. But he also likes working out and does it well.

—Choo Sung Hoon

Super Junior‘s Heechul was also present in the room, and he curiously asked who paid for the meal. Choo proudly answered that he paid for it since he was the one to invite Jungkook.