BTS’s Jungkook Joined In On The “Sesame Leaf” Debate And He Had The Smartest Answer

Find out what the “sesame debate” is here.

BTS‘s Jungkook has been battling COVID-19 after his diagnosis. He has since updated fans to let them know that he is doing fine. It seems like he’s fighting a different kind of sickness at the moment — boredom. Not that fans aren’t grateful, because Jungkook has been treating ARMY to multiple Q&A sessions using Instagram stories.

Jungkook going through it thanks to quarantine. | @jungkook.97/Instagram

He has already asked fans for recommendations on what to watch and started up what Koreans call the “balance game.” The balance game is similar to the American game, “would you rather.” A brave ARMY took one for the team and dragged Jungkook into the hot “sesame leaf debate” going around South Korea.

 Would you rather ARMY help other idols peel off a sesame leaf or would you rather other idols help ARMY peel it off?


| @jungkook.97/Instagram

If you’re unfamiliar with the “sesame leaf debate,” let’s back it up. The debate started when a 2018 clip of singer couple Noh Sa Yeon and Lee Moo Sung on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 began circulating. She had accused her husband of helping a female junior hold down the sesame leaves so she could peel a piece off. In Korea, sesame leaves are often eaten as side dishes. The problem is that these leaves are often clumped together because of how thin they are and require more hands to help peel them off. As Noh Sa Yeon brought up, the action could cause jealousy in some, while others may feel that it is simply good manners.

Noh Sa Yeon and Lee Moo Sung. | Money Today

The “sesame debate” is then posed as such.

Imagine you go out with your friend and your lover. Your lover is struggling with getting a sesame leaf. Your friend helps your lover hold down the sesame leaves while your lover peels one off. Is that okay with you? Conversely, are you okay with your lover helping your friend do the same?

— The “sesame debate.”

The idea is that their chopsticks will touch, so one could feel upset at their intimacy. So what is Jungkook’s answer?

He very wisely chose the path out.

Let’s just not eat sesame leaves.

— Jungkook

While Jungkook has chosen the right path, other idols who tried to reason it out were met with bitter cries from fans. MONSTA X‘s Kihyun experienced Monbebe’s wrath firsthand.

I think it could be upsetting or not…I don’t know. But if in the case my lover is sitting next to me and my friend can’t pick up a sesame leave, I think it’s okay for my lover to just give my friend one? It’s like how if someone can’t pick up a pancake with their chopsticks, it’s only natural to just help them spear one. Oh [the comments] are spammed with comments asking me for a divorce. Let’s skip this discussion. Otherwise Monbebe might curse me out.

— Kihyun

Thankfully, the other BTS members have not yet been subject to the dangerous question. We’re curious to know their answers though!