Korean Netizens React To Plagiarism Allegations Targeting BTS Jungkook’s “Seven”

“We’ll know when the results are out…”

Korean netizens reacted to BTS Jungkook‘s plagiarism allegations.

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On August 22, famed K-Pop producer Yang Joon Young alleged that composers of Jungkook’s hit single “Seven” had plagiarized Fin.K.L’s “Time of Mask,” which he produced.

BTS Jungkook’s “Seven” Accused Of Plagiarism By Fin.K.L’s “Time Of Mask” Composer

According to one industry insider, the melodic scale of the songs is identical, and many top Korean producers feel “Seven” had plagiarized the K-Pop classic.

“Seven,” which was produced by several producers overseas, has an identical melodic scale as “Time of Mask.” Several famous Korean producers have stated that based on the harmonies, the songs were the same.

— Industry insider

The news quickly has gone viral, with many checking the songs out for similarities. Netizens, however, were puzzled when they couldn’t find much resemblance. Others still advised prudence as regular listeners might not understand scale progressions.

  • “I mean, this is a bit of a (reach), LOL.”
  • “But why would he send this to Bang Si Hyuk? The producer should send it to the song’s composer. The producer is the one who is alleging plagiarism, so I am sure we’ll know the results soon enough.”
  • “I’m surprised at the controversy seeing how different the songs were. I really like the Fin.K.L. song, so I’ve listened to it a bunch.”
  • “This isn’t it… ㅜㅜ.”
  • “Why would an internationally renowned producer plagiarize him? LOL.”
  • “I like both songs, but I can’t find any similarities, LOL.”
  • “They can fight over legalities, but to the common ear, this song is so shockingly different, LOL.”
  • “The producers are from overseas.”
  • “??? I just listened to it, and I am shocked at how different they are.”
  • “Oh, I haven’t heard ‘Time of Mask’ in a while. I’ll go listen to it.”
  • “I am a fan, but this is about the song’s producer, so there is no reason to overreact. We’ll know when the results are out.”

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