BTS’s Jungkook Shares What He Would Like To Tell His Younger Self If He Could Go Back In Time

There’s only one thing he would like to change.

On March 14, BTS maknae Jungkook surprised fans again with multiple consecutive livestreams, where he spent hours talking to them. The relaxed ambiance of the stream, paired with how Jungkook was comfortable enough to have random conversations with the viewers, definitely gave off a little bit of a home date energy.

During one such conversation, Jungkook talked about the one thing he would like to tell himself if he could go back in time. And that would be to study English and Korean well.

The singer casually mentioned that he had given up on studying seriously since his second grade in primary school. But despite his lack of interest in his formal education, Jungkook feels he grew up pretty well and got to meet good people in his life. But if he could go back in time, he would scold himself and ask his younger self to study English and Korean seriously.

Throughout the multiple livestreams, some of the viewers kept asking Jungkook to speak in English. He continuously expressed his regret that he is not fluent in the language. He also half-jokingly said that if there were a very good English teacher among his viewers, they should apply to HYBE and teach him.

The BTS members have often expressed their wish to be able to communicate with fans and made active efforts to speak in English as much as they can. But after Jungkook got bombarded with requests to speak English, ARMYs had to point out once again that there is a line fans need to respect when it comes to these matters. Learning a new language should always come from a place of personal preference for the members and not from a problematic sense of entitlement of English-speaking fans.