Jungkook Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Another Tattoo In BTS’s “ON” MV

His first tattoo reveal of 2020 happened in BTS’s comeback video.

Last summer, Jungkook got inked during BTS‘s month-long vacation. Ever since then, he has slowly been revealing his body art piece by piece.

So far, Jungkook has unveiled his hand tattoos (some of which are dedicated to ARMY and BTS)…

…and several forearm tattoos.

There are still many pieces of Jungkook’s ink puzzle that the world hasn’t seen yet. In Episode 5 of Bon Voyage 4, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a tattoo sleeve that may extend all the way up Jungkook’s right arm.

In BTS’s new Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima, Jungkook wears a leather jacket over a breezy, white tank top.

This sexy shirt showed a lot of skin, but it also surprised viewers with a shoulder tattoo! The design is too grainy to make out, but if Jungkook wears this outfit on stage, ARMY will probably get a better look at it soon!

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