BTS’s Jungkook Shows His Love For ARMYs With A “Young-And-Rich” Flex

A man straight out of a K-Drama.

It is no secret that BTS‘s Jungkook is one of the most affectionate members of the group towards their fans, ARMYs.

Time and again, the maknae has shown his heartfelt appreciation towards them, from getting their name tattooed on his knuckles,

to writing and dedicating entire songs to them.

His genuine love for fans also reflects in the way he makes time out of his busy days to spend hours with them through livestreams so frequently. During his most recent Weverse live, Jungkook expressed his love for ARMYs once again, flexing his young and rich charisma in the process!

While replying to the comments left by fans, Jungkook suddenly proposed a movie date with ARMYs. The BTS member asked if fans would like to go watch a movie with him, adding that he would rent out an entire theater for it!

Though he might have started the topic half-jokingly, the singer started thinking of the practicalities of the plan the very next moment. Jungkook considered if he could make a plan with ARMYs through a “spy” without getting his agency involved. The more he pondered, the more it seemed like he grew convinced that the plan was entirely possible, only if he could figure out how to recruit a “mafia” to communicate plans with ARMYs and watch a movie together with them as an unofficial schedule!

Jungkook dropped the topic after that, but ARMYs couldn’t move on from the fact that not only is Jungkook considering an in-person watch party with fans, but is ready to rent out a whole theater for it!

To some, his plan might seem like a distant dream, but in reality, BTS did something similar years ago. In 2015, after they got their first music show win with “I NEED U,” all the BTS members rented out a movie theater and took ARMYs on a movie date where they watched Fantastic 4 together!

Who’s getting ready to queue up for a ticket to Seoul?