BTS’s Jungkook Becomes A Shy Boy After Performing With Megan Thee Stallion During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”

We don’t blame him!

Over the past few days, ARMYs have been inundated with a whole lot of content from BTS as they performed the first two dates of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in LA. From the members’ cursing, Jungkook noticing a Bam poster, and much more, the shows have been memorable for BTS and ARMYs.

Members of BTS on day 2 of “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Yet, one moment stood out to fans the most on the second night, and that was when American artist Megan Thee Stallion joined them on stage for the remix version of their track “Butter.” After being unable to join them at the American Music Awards, it was the first time that fans saw them perform together, and it was iconic.

Megan Thee Stallion and BTS | @theestallion/ Instagram

In particular, the members seemed to be having the time of their lives on stage, and it was no surprise why. Yet, netizens have recently seen a picture from the performance that made their hearts melt, all because of the group’s maknae Jungkook!

After the performance ended, the group and Megan finished with a bang striking fabulous poses and allowing the crowd to appreciate everything they had watched fully.

| Theultimatedodo/ YouTube 

Yet, after the eight artists showcased their cool and sassy side, netizens noticed that Jungkook quickly hid behind leader RM as if he was being extremely shy.

In a video shared by the user @boywithoutluv, it seems as if Jungkook hides behind RM and then puts a thumbs up to Megan. Although it doesn’t look like she saw him, it was still an adorable gesture, and fans couldn’t get enough of how excited the members seemed to be about performing with Megan.

| @boywithoutluv/ Twitter 

When the clip was shared on social media, fans couldn’t get enough of how cute and shy Jungkook seemed despite being the top-tier, confident idol that fans love to watch only moments before.

However, he wasn’t the only member of BTS who was truly fangirling over Megan Thee Stallion!

Even Jin couldn’t hide his admiration for the artist. As they walked down the catwalk, Megan did her signature tongue-out pose, which has become synonymous with her brand. Jin saw Megan stick her tongue out, and he couldn’t resist copying her!

| @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

Considering the shy Jungkook fans saw with Megan was the same artist who always rocks the stage and even did it almost shirtless, it showcases his true duality on and off stage! It also shows how much the members love and respect Megan as a person and artist.

You can read more about the group’s performance with Megan Thee Stallion below.

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Source: @Boywithoutluv