BTS Is Left Shook By Jungkook’s Glorious Sideburns…And It’s Hilarious

The hyungs don’t get paid enough to deal with Jungkook Presley. 😂

BTS recently revealed behind-the-scenes footage of their 2020 FESTA Family Portrait photoshoot where the members dressed up with crazy glasses in pictures for fans. However, one member’s extravagant style choice totally stole their attention.

Jungkook‘s aviators-and-fake-sideburns combination was almost as hilarious as the confidence he gained when wearing them.

Even Suga couldn’t contain his laughter when he saw the luscious ‘burns up close.

Jungkook’s Elvis-inspired look brought images of American pop culture in the ’60s and ’70s to Suga’s mind.

Meanwhile, J-Hope was adorably amazed at how soft they were.

In the end, the photos turned out perfect and the sideburns added a hilarious touch!

Check out some of the results below!

| Big Hit Entertainment

| Big Hit Entertainment

| Big Hit Entertainment

Watch as Jungkook transforms into “Jungkook Presley” here: