“That Was In One Go” — BTS’s Jungkook Shares The Real Behind Story Of His Viral “Smoke” Challenge

It was not as easy as it looked.

BTS’s Jungkook revealed the entire process that went into his viral “Smoke” dance challenge video in a recent interview.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

Jungkook sat down with Audacy after the release of his second solo single, “3D,” and talked about his recent whereabouts, including the TikTok dance challenge that set the internet on fire.

| @AudacyMusic/YouTube

The original choreography was created by the popular dancer and K-Pop choreographer Bada Lee, who is currently a contestant on the show Street Woman Fighter 2 with her crew, Bebe.

Lee’s dance went viral pretty quickly, and many idols joined in, including BTS member V.

In fact, after V posted the video of him doing the dance challenge with Lee and dance GOF, that Jungkook enthusiastically joined in. In the Weverse caption of the video, he wrote, “I also gave it a try.”

Jungkook’s powerful moves, combined with his pro-level editing of the video, drew in rave responses from fans and netizens. Though the choreography was difficult, his smooth execution made some ARMYs feel as if he got it all in one go.

But in his interview with Audacy, the BTS member humbly revealed that contrary to fans’ belief, learning the dance was not as effortless. It took him several tries to nail the choreography.

Jungkook said that he shot the video in his hotel room in New York after having a few drinks. Though he had to practice it quite a few times before, the recording was done in one take!

So, it looks like ARMYs were partially right. But his dedication and work ethic, even toward a light-hearted dance challenge, didn’t go without praise from them.