BTS Jungkook’s Smooth Flirting During His Recent Weverse Live Has ARMYs In Crisis

Making ARMYs fight for their lives with just one line.

BTS‘s Jungkook is back again on Weverse live, just a day after his chaotic 4-hour livestream!

This time, instead of singing, he decided to do a mukbang livestream! But before starting the actual mukbang, he briefly turned on the Weverse live to notify ARMYs. During the short span of the first live, Jungkook managed to give fans a heart attack with his smooth flirting skills once again.

The BTS maknae has become more comfortable with playfully flirting with ARMYs over the years. Even during the last live broadcast, he teased fans multiple times, agreeing to date them, and asking them if they’re confident enough to “handle” him.

This time too, he just casually dropped a bomb on fans with a completely innocent face. During the first livestream, he mentioned that his hand was dry and extended it toward the screen, asking if there’s anyone who would like to hold it.

ARMYs were in shambles immediately, and understandably so.

Will ARMYs survive this livestream if this is how it started? We’ll have to wait and see.