BTS’s “Sold Out King” Jungkook Kicks Off 2021 With A New Buying Craze

He accidentally sold out a new item in 2021.

It’s a new year, but this “Sold Out King” is still reigning supreme!


On January 12th, BangtanTV uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb” of Jin and Jungkook vandalizing each other’s personal items just for fun. One of the items was Jungkook’s BT21 Cooky toiletry bag.

Suga also showed the world Jungkook’s pink pouch of perfumes. It wasn’t long before ARMYs identified every single item in Jungkook’s bags, including the perfumes.

One of the fragrances is Forment‘s “Cotton Hug”.

| @IAskToMyself/Twitter

The other is by The Parfum. Since this bottle was blurred well, fans are still not sure which particular scent Jungkook wears — and that might be a good thing!

| @IAskToMyself/Twitter

According to Korean media outlets, Forment’s “Cotton Hug” rose to the top of the real-time search trends and was soon sold out on the brand’s official website. 

| @MagicStarJK/Twitter

Hopefully, Jungkook has stocked up on his supply because he might not be able to order a new bottle any time soon! Check out what Jungkook sold out in 2020, or watch the video that started it all here:

Source: Sports Seoul