10 Things BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Sold Out In 2020

The “Sold Out King” racked up sales in 2020.

BTS fans are forever claiming to be broke, but Jungkook stans always seem to have a little (or a lot) of extra cash to buy up his goods. Here are 10 things he sold out in 2020!

1. Prada for VOGUE

In June 2020, Vogue Japan released a BTS issue. All the members were dressed in Prada, but fans just had to have Jungkook’s jacket.

The jacket (priced on the Prada website at $2,820 USD) sold out in over 25 countries, including the US, Japan, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland.

| Prada/prada.com

2. Louis Vuitton

Jungkook’s Louis Vuitton denim for “Dynamite” sold out (in some countries) on the brand’s official website shortly after this concept photo came out. 

It cost $2,120 USD!

| Louis Vuitton/louisvuitton.com

3. Prada stompers

ARMY sold out Jungkook’s $1,200 USD combat boots shortly after he wore them to a casual meeting for BE. 

| Prada/prada.com

4. Jungkook Presley

Jungkook’s novelty sunglasses (with sideburns) became a hot topic when BTS released their 2020 FESTA photo shoot.

According to fans, the glasses ($9 USD) sold out on some shopping sites shortly after the photos were released.

| @TDCMBTS/Twitter

5. The Trunk Project shirt

In Episode 95 of Run BTS! Jungkook wore a gray Trunk Project T-Shirt (The Ripped Hole Pigment).

It sold out on the Trunk Project website less than 12 hours after the episode aired.

| Trunk Project/trunk-project.com

6. Kindness Killz Shorts

Last year, Jungkook caused a buying frenzy when he wore a pair of Kindness Killz Shorts for his boxing workout.

On skootskootskoot.com these sold out shorts cost $95 USD!

| Kindness Killz/skootskootskoot.com

7. Lip balm

When a makeup artist used KATE CC LIP Cream on Jungkook, ARMYs immediately tracked down the brand.

Before long, it was sold out on YesStyle and other shopping sites.

| YesStyle/yesstyle.com

8. Balenciaga

Jungkook loves to wear this BalenciagaT-Shirt…and so do his fans! After he wore it for Episode 104 of Run BTS!, it sold out.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

By now, the shirt is probably back in stock, but it will cost you approximately $300 USD to add it to your closet!

9. The shirt from BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE

Jungkook wore a SWBD Sewing Boundaries Logo Overfit Shirt while leaving BTS’s virtual concert. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this was the first time reporters had snapped photos of BTS in months. 

Jungkook’s sold out overshirt cost approximately $160 USD and it sold out in 24 hours. 

10. Dicon magazine

Technically the Jungkook version of Dispatch‘s 10th special issue of Dicon magazine hasn’t sold out yet, but it’s not for lack of trying!

Jungkook’s magazine version quickly became a best-seller, selling 2,742 copies on Gmarket after BTS’s appearance at the KBS Song Festival. At the time, it was the best-selling version of all the BTS members and the third best-selling item on the entire website!

| @MagicStarJK/Twitter