10 Times BTS Jungkook’s Casual Clothes Made Us Scream, “Too Expensive!”

His style is: comfortable, simple, and expensive AF.

Onstage, BTS‘s Jungkook wears a variety of glamorous outfits, but his everyday style is comfy and understated. Don’t be fooled! Here are 10 of Jungkook’s casual clothing items that could casually leave you bankrupt.

1. This overachieving outfit

Jungkook wore a Yohji Yamamotio x New Era Print Bomber Jacket ($700), Laul Comfortable Cargo Jogger Pants ($80), and Prada Chunky Sole Combat Boots ($1,200) to a meeting with his members. In total, his outfit cost approximately $1,980+, depending on the vendor.

That’s crazy, but do you know what’s crazier? ARMY made the Prada boots sell out!

2. This Balenciaga T-Shirt

With a price tag of $300+, this shirt had better wash itself…

…especially if you’re working out in it!

3. Cheap shirt, expensive pants

When Jungkook covered Lauv‘s song “Never Not”, he paired a Carthartt Maddock Outlast T-Shirt ($20) with Bracket Taped Joggers by A-Cold-Wall ($300).

How’s that for mixing and matching?

4. The bag he brought to and from BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE

Jungkook left BTS’s virtual concert with an AMIRI tote bag worth approximately $2,400!

5. These Alexander McQueen shoes

Jungkook’s White High Platform Sneakers might look like your typical running shoes, but they are priced at $675. He wore them on a fun outing with his family.

6. These ARMYPEDIA shoes

During BTS’s talk show for their ARMYPEDIA event, Jungkook wore JUUN.JI sneakers.

These sneakers cost approximately $600 or more!

7. These airport sneakers

If you thought his JUUN.JI shoes were pricey, check out these Triple S sneakers by Balenciaga. They are priced at $950. Yikes!

8. The windbreaker that breaks the bank

Want this GORETEX zippered jacket that Jungkook wore to the airport? It’ll only cost you $1,880.

9. These two-toned beauties

These Balenciaga Triple S trainers were one of Jungkook’s favorite shoes to wear in public last year. At the time, they were priced at $780.

10. The hoodie that owes us an explanation

Excuse me, Mr. Balenciaga Printed Logo Hoodie, why are you a whopping $850? If Jungkook is wearing you, you should be worth $850 million. At least. Don’t sell yourself short!

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