Jungkook’s Prada Boots Sold Out Faster Than You Can Say “Step On Me”

These luxury boots weren’t “too expensive” for some fans.

What is the biggest lie ARMY has ever told? “We’re broke.”

Whenever BTS announces new merchandise, concert tickets, and DVD collections, fans cry over their depleted wallets. Somehow though, there’s always spare cash to add Jungkook‘s clothes to their closets!

From Timberlands to Prada, the Golden Maknae loves his boots. These days, he’s all about platform combat boots that look more like weapons than footwear.

On May 11, BTS gathered to brainstorm themes, subunits, and more for their upcoming album. During the meeting, Jungkook wore Prada monsters that were strong enough to lift a couch.

Shortly after the video aired, ARMY’s online orders started pouring in.

Soon, the boots were sold out!


Don’t worry, shoppers! On Prada’s official US website, the boots, which retail for $1,200 are currently still in stock, but only in a few sizes.

If you love chunky boots and you’ve got cash to blow, order them now before they’re gone!