BTS’s “Sold Out King” Jungkook Worked His Magic Again

Jungkook sold out these shoes in a snap.

From toothbrushes to Downy detergent, BTS‘s Jungkook can make anything sell out, but fans especially like to add his favorite clothes to their closets!


Jungkook is a huge fan of chunky (and somewhat menacing) shoes. He often wears sneakers with sky-high soles to the airport, like these AKIII CLASSIC 2020 Chunky Shoes (Rumble Sneakers).

Thanks to Jungkook and ARMY, these shoes are now sold out on Zalora, one of Asia’s top shopping sites, in several locations (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philipines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia).


If you were hoping to pick up a pair, don’t despair! The shoes are still available on AKII’s official website…for now!


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