BTS’s Jungkook Nearly Spilled His Drink, And His Reaction Is Priceless

His candid reactions won over fans.

During his recent Weverse live broadcast, BTS‘s Jungkook spent over two hours singing and dancing with fans. He also had a few drinks, nearly spilling one but creating a cute moment instead.


As Jungkook jammed to NewJeans‘ “Hype Boy”, he noticed his beer needed a refill and began to pour it into his mug.

Since the beer’s foam overfilled the mug, Jungkook made the cutest face of surprise. That didn’t stop him from taking action, though.

Jungkook quickly took a sip to lessen the foam and realized it was too soon to refill it again.

Although it was a brief moment, Jungkook’s reaction caught fans’ attention as they voiced how adorable it was.

Only Jungkook could make avoiding a spill such a cute moment.

Source: Weverse


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