BTS Jungkook’s Sudden Heartfelt Confession In His Solo Vlog Is Too Much For ARMYs’ Hearts To Handle

This bond is so precious!

During the last four weeks, the seven members of BTS have been releasing weekly vlogs, recording themselves enjoying their free time individually. This week, the group’s maknae uploaded his vlog where he was seen camping with his managing staff and the director RUN BTS.

During the 46-minute video, Jungkook drove the car, did a mini mukbang, learned a thing or two about setting up camping cars, and finally arrived at the beach where they were supposed to camp for the night. After enjoying himself with a mouthful of grilled pork belly, he was roasting some marshmallows, and then suddenly he said out loud how much he was missing his BTS members.

What are the members doing right now? Are they enjoying their life? I miss you guys.

— Jungkook

The short and sweet confession pulled at the heartstrings of fans, and understandably so. With each BTS member focusing on personal projects for a while, it has been a minute since all seven of them have been seen together. But looks like even when they are on their own, enjoying life in their own ways, it is impossible for them not to think about their other six soulmates.

Some fans also noted how all the other members had said something along the same lines during their individual schedules in the past few months. While V called J-Hope during In The Soop with his “Wooga Squad,” Jimin also admitted he missed the members in his solo vlog.

It looks like it’s not just ARMYs waiting for the group to be in the same frame together again!