Is Jungkook The Next Guest On Suga’s Drinking Show Suchwita? BTS’s Official Instagram Is Dropping Hints

We hope this happens! 🤞

Suga‘s drinking show Suchwita is a hit! With many exciting guests, he’s featured everyone from SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi to BTS‘s very own RM.

Most recently, BTS’s official Instagram account is dropping hints that one day we may see Jungkook on the show.

BTS’s Instagram posted a story featuring footage from one of Jungkook’s recent live streams.

I’m taking over the Suchwita opening

The video featured the funny moment when Jungkook sang over Agust D’s song “Daechwita” and replaced it with his own lyrics where he talked about wanting to go on the show.

Suchwita, Suchwita! Why is hyung the only one who can drink? Yo!

— Jungkook

The hashtags on the bottom read “Until the day he drinks with Suga hyung on Suchwita (Wait) (Wait) 🔥🍺 #Jungkook #Suga,” indicating that a day may come where ARMYs can see Jungkook on the show!

Though nothing is confirmed yet, fans are already looking forward to just how chaotic this episode will be!

Watch the full video below.


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