BTS Jungkook’s Under-The-Table Advertising Case Closes Without Investigation

Case closed.

It looks like BTS Jungkook’s under-the-table advertisement controversy has been closed. The Fair Trade Commission confirmed that they decided not to conduct an investigation for the complaint regarding his under-the-table allegation.

There were a total of two complaints filed to the Fair Trade Commission: One being the mentioning of a tea brand during a live broadcast, and one about him exposing clothing from his brother’s clothing brand.

In response to the complaint that Jungkook intentionally exposed the clothing of his brother’s brand, the Fair Trade Commission revealed 1.) In order to have economic consideration, the content should have an impact on others, so samples and souvenirs given to unspecified people are not included in this category (paid advertisements, etc) and 2.) If the content is created voluntarily by the individual, then it does not prose any problems.

In the case of Jungkook, they added that it was difficult to determine whether the exposure of the brand’s clothing through various media was caused by the advertiser or done voluntarily. 

Regarding the complaint about promoting a tea brand, they confirmed that although he mentioned that he was drinking tea on the broadcast, it is difficult to see it as promotional purposes because the company name or trademark was not mentioned. According to the FTC, they decided to close the complaint after clarifying that there was no request for advertisements from the brand.

On the other hand, Person A, who filed the complaint, stated, “I filed a complaint because I thought it was unfair, but the agency continued to remain silent, giving fans no choice but to be angry about the serious situation.”

Source: sports khan