BTS’s Jungkook Is Taking Online English Classes, And The School Loves Him

He’s turning the academy’s admin into an ARMY.

When BTS‘s Jungkook puts his mind to it, he can achieve anything! That includes learning one of the most difficult languages around: English.

Last April, Jungkook told fans that he is working hard at studying English in the hopes of becoming fluent. Aside from being able to communicate more with international fans, English would help Jungkook assist RM as BTS’s #2 English speaker in interviews.

Fans have watched Jungkook’s progress over the past year, seeing his vocabulary grow and his pronunciation improve. At times, he sounds like a native English speaker!

Currently, Jungkook is enrolled in online English classes with the Siwon School to further his education. This language academy offers courses in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, French, German, and English.

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Jungkook’s teachers have fallen in love with their star student, or at least, their Twitter admin has! On July 26, the school tweeted about his dedication. “We’d like to thank our real student Jungkook… Oh we really hope we can help you master English… (Motivated).”

This admin also went into full ARMY mode in this tweet, repeating how cute Jungkook is over and over again. “Jungkook, do you also break hearts… Yes, I think so… Oh my goodness Cute Oh my goodness So Cute Oh my goodness Cute Oh my goodness So Cute Oh my goodness Cute Oh my goodness So Cute.” 

They also offered to swipe a pen for him. “Jungkook… If you let me know your ID… I’ll sneak a Siwon School pen from my manager and send one to you… (Sneaks pen)”

With the help of his Siwon School instructors, Professor RM, and his own willpower, Jungkook will be a master of English in no time!

BTS’s Jungkook Is Becoming A Master Of English To Help RM

Source: Siwon School