BTS Jungkook’s Tattoo Sleeve Has Been Revealed And There Are Wildly Mixed Reviews

Why are we not surprised…

BTS recently aired their highly anticipated Run BTS! episode featuring celebrity chef Baek Jong Won and everyone has been hyped about it. Viewers can watch the boys having fun while cooking food, but a particular member stood out amongst the rest for something completely unrelated.

Still from “Run BTS!” | Weverse

Jungkook‘s tattoo sleeve on his arm was revealed for the first time and it is looking incredible! ARMYs are well aware of his growing tattoo collection, but they’ve been blurred out numerous times by broadcasting networks anytime Jungkook is featured on a show. This means that fans and netizens have only been able to see glimpses of his tattoos, that is until now.

Still from “Run BTS!” | Weverse

In the Run BTS! episode, Jungkook casually rolled up the sleeves of his sweatshirt while he was cooking so that they would be out of the way. It was then that his glorious tattoo sleeve was revealed for all his fans to see. Without any censorship effects, viewers were able to clearly see his growing tattoo collection on his right arm.

Jungkook’s arm tattoo sleeve from “Run BTS!” | Weverse

While many idols have tattoos in the K-Pop industry, tattoos are still considered a taboo within the culture. The conservative nation still views tattoos in a negative light so broadcasting networks will blur them out or cover them using bandages if an idol has any visible tattoos. There are certain laws that ban tattoos to be shown on air, which is why some networks are more strict with their censorship than others.

(left) Block B Taeil’s tattoos censored with bandages | Inked Magazine

Tattoos are also technically illegal in South Korea, since it is viewed as a medical service. This means that only qualified medical practitioners are allowed to tattoo someone’s body. While there are still underground tattoo shops, this may be another reason behind the taboo. Tattoos are also still associated with gangs, which further instills the taboo mindset of the nation.

Winner Mino’s blurred out tattoos for variety program | MBC

Due to these restrictions, many idols’ tattoos have been censored including our favorite BTS maknae. Naturally, Jungkook’s uncensored and beautifully tattooed arm that Run BTS! showed on their most recent episode caused quite a frenzy online. Netizens ran to the comments to share their thoughts and wow, are there mixed thoughts on this one. There were some that were incredibly rude,

| theqoo

It’s f**king terrible.

| theqoo

It looks f**king dirty”

Then there were some who were rooting him on or those who were just fascinated at his growing collection.

| theqoo
  • “Is this the first time he was able to show it off like that? Everyone’s taste is different so I can’t say on behalf of everyone’s preference…he did it for himself so I wish he could show it off without covering it. I know it’ll be hard for broadcasts but maybe at concerts he could.”
  • “I wish the taboo on tattoos would get better…”
  • “Why is it like that. I hate it”
  • “Whoa…Jungkook’s tattoo collection grew. What is that red eye…”
  • “Whoa it’s completely covered”
  • “Wow it’s fascinating because he seems like the person that wouldn’t get any but he did”
  • “You guys are giving him crap for a tattoo when he’s conquered the K-Pop world, it’s hilarious. I don’t really like BTS but it’s still sad though”
| Dispatch

The culture in Korea can’t change overnight and that’s understandable. The taboo around tattoos have been historically embedded into the Korean culture and that will take some time to change. With Jungkook’s full reveal on a broadcast, however, we hope that other networks will notice and adapt along with the current times.

Still from “Run BTS!” | Weverse

On that note, we personally dig his new ink! It suits the maknae‘s new image very well. What do you all think?

Source: theqoo