BTS’s Jungkook Tears Up During Weverse Live, Fans Warn Each Other Against Overanalyzing

He explained his condition to fans.

BTS‘s Jungkook did a surprise 4-part Weverse live stream on March 14, KST, much to the delight of ARMYs. During the two-and-a-half hour he spent hanging out with fans, the singer talked about his love for whiskey, played songs, sang a few on request, and had random conversations with ARMYs.

During the third live stream, Jungkook was playing ambient music in his room and jokingly started to do guided mediation narration, supposedly on a mission to make his viewers fall asleep.

But by the end, he went quiet and sat there looking at the screen, presumably reading ARMYs’ comments. That’s when some fans noticed that Jungkook appeared to be tearing up and started posting comments consoling him. When Jungkook saw that people were asking him not to cry, he quickly clarified that he was not crying but reading the comments. He then added that because of his rhinitis, he gets a runny nose when he drinks alcohol, which is why he appeared to be crying.

Right after saying that, he noticed that it was 11:30 PM and ended the live stream…only to come back with a fourth one minute later. He stayed for only five minutes, saying that he had returned because he ended the previous stream without saying goodbye. He requested fans to spam the comments with “Apobangpo,” which is a fandom slogan meaning “ARMY forever, Bangtan forever.

Once he was satisfied with ARMYs’ response, Jungkook left a heartfelt message for them and said goodbye for the night. Before leaving, he also asked fans to look forward to midnight KST for a big announcement, which turned out to be the teaser of Jimin‘s upcoming song “Set Me Free.”

Initially, ARMYs were concerned after they assumed that Jungkook was actually crying, thanks to his rhinitis and the low lighting in the room. But after he explained the reason, they were reassured. However, some discourses still started circulating on the internet, and some viewers tried to analyze Jungkook’s behavior and come to their own arbitrary conclusions. ARMYs encouraged fellow fans not to read too much into the situation and trust the BTS member’s words.


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