BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Reveals His Private TikTok Account By The Name “Ian”

ARMYs won’t stop teasing him! 🤣

BTS‘s Jungkook just realized the internet is forever after making a hilarious mistake!

It all started when he shared a TikTok of ENHYPEN dancing to his single “Seven” on Weverse, praising Jay and Jungwon for their impressive dance skills.

Well done, well done :D

— Jungkook

However, clever fans soon realized that by clicking on the link, it took them to his private TikTok account and revealed his name to be “Ian.”

After realizing his username was visible, Jungkook quickly changed his name to “JK.” However, it was too late — fans had already seen everything!

Hilariously, “Ian” began trending in various phrases on Twitter, including “Jungkook Ian” and “Mr. Jeon Ian.”

Jungkook explained the situation on Weverse that it was his private account used for monitoring.

Ah since I shared a Tiktok, now you know my TikTok account LOL (ah I made the nickname Ian.. I’m embarrassed..) That’s right, it’s me but I’m not using it. It’s for monitoring.

I quickly switched it to JK… Well since you know now I’ll leave it as is, better that way lol

— Jungkook

Jungkook later showed just how embarrassing the whole thing was for him when he pleaded for fans to not make fun of him for it. However, that only invited more funny jokes about his new nickname!

Ah… I’m embarrassed… Heh Ha… Next time we meet/see each other, don’t make fun of me

— Jungkook

Don’t make jokes (about) Ian…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Jungkook

Of course, ARMY won’t let him get away with it and have flooded social media with hilarious jokes.

Better luck next time, Jungkook!


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