BTS Jungkook’s New Haircut Leaves ARMYs JungSHOOK With The Fresh Visual

So it’s true; He looks good in every hairstyle.

On October 13, 2019 (Korean time), BTS‘s Jungkook tweeted on the group’s official Twitter account selfies of his fresh new haircut — and ARMYs, especially the ones who loved seeing Jungkook in longer hair, are shook with the sudden style change.


Jungkook captioned the pictures, “Cut”. In a series of pictures, Jungkook is spotted with shorter hair — though it is still in the mid-length zone overall.


Jungkook looks amazing nonetheless — ARMYs knew the hair never had anything to do with his A+ visual — but some fans are sad to have the short-lived Long-Haired Jungkook era come to an end.


All ARMYs are, however, supportive of Jungkook’s stylistic choices and continue to remain pleasantly surprised with all the experimentation he’s going through to find his true and unique color!


As for the Long-Haired Jungkook, he left a legendary performance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which the fans will remember forever and ever:

Long-Haired Jungkook’s “Euphoria” in Saudi Arabia Takes Over The Internet


What “look” will Jungkook try next? ARMYs can’t wait to see more inside Jungkook’s style paradise!