BTS Shippers Are Thanking Hyundai For Giving Them What They Wanted

Fans suspect that somebody at Hyundai might be an ARMY.

BTS shippers are showering Hyundai with love for giving them some iconic, new BTS moments starring some of their favorite member pairings.


In 2018, BTS became global ambassadors for Hyundai, and filmed a series of advertisements for the Hyundai Palisade. Recently, Hyundai uploaded two of these CFs to their worldwide Facebook page. The first video, uploaded January 20, features “Taekook” (and Jungkook) on a moonlit camping trip.


This “Super Moon” commercial shows the pair relaxing inside of a Hyundai Palisade while looking up at a beautiful night sky. Fans were probably too focused on all this Taekook goodness to even notice the car!


Once Taekook fans were well fed, Hyundai uploaded something for fans of “SOPE” (J-Hope and Suga) on February 4.


Unlike Taekook, SOPE aren’t having a very relaxing time. They hide away in the vehicle after hearing thunder, stormy winds, a wolf’s howl, and an owl’s hoot. Who can blame them, really?


Fans are absolutely loving this series of commercials, and they can’t wait to see the next one will bring!