BTS’s Maknae Line Triple Kills ARMY On “Good Morning America”

Ponytails, black hair, and SO much chest!

BTS‘s latest appearance on Good Morning America left fans with more than just a stellar performance of “Butter” and “Dynamite!”

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Jungkook emerged with his shirt unbuttoned dangerously low, causing the phrase “JUNGKOOK’S CHEST” to trend on Twitter.

Fans couldn’t help but gush excitedly that this isn’t the first time he’s done this…today!

In BTS’s newly-released “Hotter” version of their new “Butter” music video, he showed off his physique again. It seems he doesn’t know how to stop playing with ARMY’s hearts!

However, Jungkook wasn’t the only one to trend. When V emerged, nobody expected his brand new ponytail.

The cool style fits his suave vibe and also rapidly gained attention online.

While V has never rocked the trendy look until this point, fans hope it makes a comeback in the near future!

Unexpectedly, one more member had a surprise for ARMY!

During BTS’s interview segment, it was evident that Jimin had ditched his platinum look for some black hair dye.

After his new look stole the attention of the internet…

…he came to Twitter to confirm his new hair color and upload some stunning selfies!

That’s right. I actually dyed my hair!

— Jimin

When these three boys switch up their looks simultaneously, the results can be dangerous for ARMY!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Watch BTS perform “Butter” on Good Morning America below.