BTS’s Jungkook, V, and Jin Can Harmonize With Anything…Even Balloons

Vocal kings 👑

BTS‘s vocal line is legendary for a reason!

BTS’s vocal line (V, Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook) | @arrmy_7/Twitter

In a BANGTAN BOMB titled “Fun with Balloons,” vocal line members Jin, Jungkook, and V showed that they can harmonize with anything and everything.


In this video from the “Permission to Dance” music video set, the members are shown playing with the purple balloons that were used in the video.


The BANGTAN BOMB starts off with Jin and Jungkook playing with balloons while Jimin looks on.

As soon as the cameras stopped rolling again, Jin and Jungkook started playing with the balloons once again. This time, RM was sitting next to them.

Jin made Jungkook laugh by imitating the sound of the air coming out of the balloon. Although he was being funny, Jin perfectly harmonized with the balloon!

Later, V joined Jin and Jungkook. He competed against Jungkook to see who could blow up the biggest balloon with a single breath.

V ended up being the winner of the competition, but their balloons’ sizes were pretty close!

After their competition, V and Jungkook decided to see if they could make their balloons harmonize. As they let the air out of their balloons at the same time, they harmonized their voices with the balloons, too. Jin joined in as well.

Of course, each of these 3 vocal kings sounded great! While Jimin wasn’t there for this moment, we know he would’ve been able to harmonize with the balloons, too. BTS’s vocal line is just that good!

Watch the full BANGTAN BOMB below!