BTS’s Jungkook, V, And Jimin Are The Definition Of Chaotic

The maknae line never stops moving! 🤣

The BTS members recently revealed a behind-the-scenes video of a group photoshoot for their OT7 Photo-Folio Us, Ourselves, and BTS ‘We.’

Among the unique concepts, one of the photoshoot themes was a sports day where the members “competed” against each other in teams and played tons of funs games!

From tug of war to racing while rolling a giant ball, all of the members expended a lot of their energy for the shoot.

However, the maknae line never stopped moving! Between takes, Jungkook was busy hula-hooping…

…while Jimin tried his luck at juggling a soccer ball.

Even V couldn’t help but play games with his props while he was waiting for the shoot to begin.

In between photoshoots, the three boys somehow still had so much energy and decided to play together.

Jimin decided it was time to grab the soccer ball…

…and V did his best to trap it!

He didn’t fail once or even twice.

He failed three times — but his smile never left his face!

As expected, BTS is always full of chaotic energy!

Watch the full video below.