BTS’s Jungkook Is Back And Fans Couldn’t Be More Thrilled

After 12 days of private vacationing, he has made contact with fans.

ARMY‘s favorite maknae is no longer MIA!


BTS’s 2-month period of rest and relaxation began on August 12. During the first week, most of the members just couldn’t stay away, and they frequently interacted with fans through social media. Jungkook was the only member who totally dropped off the grid.


Although fans are happy that he’s enjoying his private vacation time, many can’t help wondering what he’s up.


Apparently, Jungkook has been wondering the same thing about ARMY! After 12 days, he dropped by BTS Weverse to say hello.

What are you all doing?

— Jungkook


He told ARMY that he can’t sleep…

I don’t want to sleep now. What should I do?

— Jungkook


…and he was wondering if he should play one of his favorite video games, Overwatch.

Should I go play Overwatch in a while?

— Jungkook


Fans are over the moon to finally hear from him. To ARMY, just one day without Jungkook can feel like an eternity!


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