BTS’s Jungkook Goes Viral For His Smooth (Like Butter) Dance Moves

He side-stepped into our hearts!

BTS recently revealed individual fancams for their live performance of “Butter”. While every member absolutely stunned with their snazzy moves and perfect vocals, Jungkook in particular, went viral for his stable live singing as well as his sharp choreography, and of course, his handsome looks.

The YouTube video for his fancam made it to the list of rising videos in Japan…

| theqoo

…as well as trended worldwide.

| theqoo

The video itself on YouTube has over 5 million views at last count, while the snippet an ARMY reposted onto TikTok has over 8 million.

Many non-fans even stopped to ask for the song name and who Jungkook was.

| theqoo
| theqoo

Who could blame them when he looks this gorgeous?

Make sure to catch the video for yourself!

Source: theqoo


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