BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Creates A New Mystery For ARMY To Solve

There are a few theories.

For over two hours, BTS‘s Jungkook once again treated fans to a live broadcast on Weverse where he addressed “fans” invading his privacy, sang karaoke, and showed off his dance moves to NewJeans. But the idol left fans with a major mystery that’s still making everyone wonder.


Because of all the activities Jungkook did during his live, he laid down and told fans that he’d “take a rest for a few minutes.

He even placed a lit candle in front of the camera to keep fifteen million fans company as he napped. But they were left with questions when Jungkook’s live broadcast abruptly ended.

Since Jungkook was sound asleep to the point of snoring, fans couldn’t figure out how the live broadcast ended. Some thought a staff member was the one to shut it off, sharing memes to poke fun at the staff’s struggles of waking up early to do so.

Others thought it ended because Jungkook’s phone merely ran out of battery and died, ending the live broadcast.

There were even a few ARMY who joked that a ghost was the one to end it. Whatever happened, it looks like Jungkook has sparked another BTS mystery that may never be solved.

Source: Weverse