How BTS’s Jungkook Unexpectedly Saved A Woman

A man almost harassed her!

BTS‘s Jungkook unintentionally saved a woman.


Jungkook recently held an unexpected live broadcast via Weverse. He also did an Instagram with fellow member V. With all his broadcasts together, he surpassed 4+ hours that he was live.

This was the same day BTS: Yet to Come in Cinemas was released internationally in theaters.

So, ARMY, Min Kitty (@MintKitten07 on Twitter), based in Germany, was on her way home from the cinema while Jungkook was still live. She was watching it when suddenly a man started following her.

Unrelated GIF of a woman being followed

The man started talking to her, so she turned around and asked him, “Really? In front of my boyfriend?” When Min Kitty showed the man her phone’s screen, Jungkook looked at the camera right on cue, causing the man to leave instantly.

To assure her safety, Min Kitty pretended to talk to Jungkook on the rest of the way home just in case. One can never be too careful!

Fellow ARMYs were still concerned. So, Min Kitty reassured them that she was okay.

Thanks to Jungkook, the creepy man left her alone, and she ended up getting home safe.

Source: MintKitten07

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