“V And His Friends Left Me Alone” — This Is Why NewJeans’ “Ditto” Is An Important Song To BTS’s Jungkook

There was a special memory that went with the song.

BTS’s Jungkook recently celebrated the launch of his solo album Golden on K-Pop ON! Spotify. He shared a bunch of his favorite songs, and even his special ramyun porridge recipe on GOLDEN RELAX ROOM.

After the staff surprised him with a projector screen of the aurora lights, they asked what song he wanted to listen to at that moment.

Jungkook chose NewJeans’ “Ditto” to match the mood. The song means something special to Jungkook. He had gone skiing with V and his friends in the winter.

He had so much fun that he wanted to stay overnight at the resort and ski in the morning again. Unfortunately, he was the only one that shared that sentiment. The others were so tired that they wanted to leave. As he was left alone, he was comforted by “Ditto.” The song matched the vibes of the resort perfectly!

It was winter then. I had gone skiing with V and his friends. It was so fun for me that I wanted to stay overnight and ski again the next morning. I thought that everyone would do that too. But when we headed in after skiing, everyone was sore and aching, and passed out in the accommodations. In that state, “Ditto” came on. As we were listening, it was so good. Along with the setting of the ski resort, it made me emotional. But in that situation, the three of them said they would leave. So they went home and I was left alone. I listened to the song as I looked at the outside view. I think I listened to it over 30 times.

— Jungkook

Looks like he had the best time at the resort! “Ditto” and its nostalgic vibes definitely suits winter time the best.

Source: Spotify