Jungkook Shows ARMY His Gym Workouts, Says He Envies Jin’s Body

This is how he builds his physique.

If you’ve ever wanted to see how the Golden Maknae builds his golden physique, here’s your chance!


On October 11, Jungkook shared a new vlog, to conclude BTS’s vacation log series. In the video, he takes viewers through his upper body workout routine at the gym.


For the first workout, Jungkook wears an outfit that defies every gym’s dress code: a long-sleeved plaid shirt, beige pants, and sandals. This isn’t the safest style to lift weight in, but he looks comfy and handsome lifting this barbell!


After that, Jungkook does about a billion pushups…


…and whatever this is.


Jungkook’s second workout also focuses on strengthening his upper body. With his trainer, he does resistance training and weightlifting for his chest, back, and arms.


At one point, Jungkook remarks that he’d be a “shoulder gangster” if he had Jin‘s worldwide shoulders. He envies Jin’s natural build.

If I had Jin-hyung’s body, I’d be a “shoulder gangster”. He already has broad shoulders as it is. With a body like Jin-hyung’s, you don’t have to workout. I envy this hyung.

— Jungkook


Check out the vlog here: