BTS To Release 7 Vlogs Chronicling Their Vacation

There’s something to look forward to everyday!

Missed the members of BTS? Worry not because Big Hit Entertainment is set to release an entire week of vlogs filmed by the boys themselves!

The tweet’s caption reads,

BTS’s special daily life that they wanted to show ARMYs is coming soon.

It included the hashtags “Filmed by the members,” “BTS’s vacation journal,” “Sharing with ARMYs,” “ARMY Day,” “ARMY Week,” and “See you at 9 p.m.”

The schedule of the vlogs is as follows:

  • 10/2 Yoongi – fishing at dawn
  • 10/3 Hoseok – important business in LA
  • 10/4 Namjoon – 9 day art museum tour with friend in Europe
  • 10/7 Seokjin – fishing
  • 10/9 Taehyung – daily life w/ Yeontan
  • 10/10 Jimin – Paris & Hawaii
  • 10/11 Jungkook – Muscle Bunny’s workout

Which vlog are you looking forward to most?

Source: Nate